Government of Rathorn

Basic Government
The government at every level is composed of a senate of older government officials led by a committee of elected officials elected by the senate. The elected officials then head the administration and decide on all decisions which the options are then put before the senate. Elected officials tend to be young men between 30 and 40. A member of the noble class who is not elected by the age of 40 is generally seen as a failure. The only part of the government not controlled by committee is the military. The military is headed by the empire who is decided by the previous emperor and it generally runs in family. The emperor then appoints generals and military staff and carries out campaigns.

Current Political Parties

The youngbloods are a political party composed mostly of families new to the nobility. They became a party 500 years ago with the conquest of the Southern portion of Rath that brought in a huge new influx of nobles. This party has then continued to grow, but they have lost some of their founding members whose families became respected enough and wealthy enough to join the Old Guard party. Their main platform is the expansion of industry and wealth gaining enterprises which favor those who do not have the old standard of landed and government wealth to fall back on. However, they have recently acquired a second plank to their platform which is to invade the newly discovered continent of Gorn.

Old Guard
The old guard is the mostly composed of Nobles who are large land owners or have other non-capitalist sources of wealth. Most have been nobles before the conquest of the southern part of Rath. Overall, they are a smaller party then the youngbloods, but they tend to have more access to power. Their primary party platform is to support the monarchy and keep the reins of power within a chosen few. They want nothing to do with the new continent as they fear that the addition of new nobles brought by conquest will change the balance of power.

Government of Rathorn

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