Culture of Rathorn

Civil Society is divided into classes based off noble rank. There are six ranks the lowest being slave the highest being member of the noble family. One achieves noble rank when one has been elected to serve a governmental function. Each level of function coincides with a noble rank. The majority of the nobility is composed of Hobgoblins as their kingdom was the original Kingdom that conquered territory and created an empire, but members of other races have bought into the nobility at all levels. The main goal that most members of the society seek is to improve their power base and standing in the empire. One does this by granting out favors and achieving wealth which then allow for them to create power bases so they can get elected. Military power is one of the keys to most power bases as the empire is always expanding or putting down rebellions leading to state of near constant war. This war then allows one to gain prestige and money. Each region also has its own subsector of culture that is generally unique as the empire does not quash cultural notions that do not directly contradict the empires basic tenant’s such as slavery.

Slavery is a major part of the empire and as much of a quarter of the population is put into slavery. The main ways that people become slaves are either debt bondage, breaking a law, or military conquest. If one is unable to pay off a legal debt one is then sold into slavery and the procedes go to whoever owned the debt. Military conquests create slaves because they enslave all prisoners of war and sometimes whole cities depending on the military campaign and levels of resistance by the local population. If one breaks certain laws such as murdering someone or striking someone of a higher class then one self one is sold into slavery and the proceeds goes to the aggrieved party.

Ones rank in society is dictated by the culture as seen above, but is marked by a magical tatoo that is present on the right bicep. This magical ink then glows different colors and takes on different shapes depending on ones rank in society.

Slaves Have a black glowing set of chains tatooed on the bicep
Citizens have the shield and crossed swords of the imperial symbol glowing red
Nobles have the shield and crossed swords of the imperial symbol glowing silver they get there rank by being elected to city government positions
Barons Have the regional symbol for which they belong glowing in red they get their rank by being elected to regional positions
Dukes have the crossed swords of the imperial symbol glowing purple they get there rank by being elected to national positions
Royal Family have the shield and crossed swords of the imperial symbol with a laurel wreath underneath it glowing purple. They get there rank by being born in the imperial family although most of held either government or military positions or both.

Culture of Rathorn

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